Php is a powerful language with a proven track record of performance and longevity. The language is a server side script that can be used in conjunction with JavaScript and Ajax to deliver fast and stable applications. Php is used in many powerful systems including Facebook, Wikipedia, and Google.

Clear Computer Systems, LLC has been providing high quality php software development for many years with more than 250,000 lines of code running in php projects that have been developed over the last ten years.

Php and MySql are not just for internet projects. Clear Computer Systems, LLC has created many applications for companies that run on internal servers. We have deployed these systems for Mac and Windows networks and even as a local piece of software on a single computer. The systems are easy to install, backup, and run consistently on any Microsoft operating system or just about any other operating system on the market.

Some of the many systems we have created in php include:

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems to manage a business more efficiently
  • MRP (Materials Requirement Planning) systems
  • Scheduling software with drag and drop schedule tags
  • Estimating software to calculate the direct cost of products
  • Bill Of Material software that generates RFQs for the suppliers that carry needed parts
  • Engineering software used to select the best equipment and layout for a facility
  • Barcode Inventory systems to maintain an extremely accurate inventory and reduce costs
  • Change order tracking systems for documenting changes to a project or job

Clear Computer Systems, LLC has been providing quality custom designed systems like these in the West Michigan area using php/mysql for years, and we would love to help your organization deploy this valuable tool.