We specialize in automation and systems that increase efficiency, so it only makes sense that we would use this technology ourselves. Over the years, Clear Computer Systems, LLC has invested countless hours into developing systems to automate the process of software development. We pull in technology from other sources and leverage that with our own systems to streamline the development process.

Code Generation:

We use our own code generation system to write code quickly and get software running as soon as possible. This system not only dramatically reduces development time, it also ensures that our software has a well designed framework that is easy to maintain.

Template and Interface Creation:

We use template creation software that allows us to create templates quickly and lets you easily change the look of your software for your preferences.

Database Creation:

We use a proven system for designing databases which are then quickly pushed out automatically into a live database, avoiding rework and time-consuming database development.

Supporting Software:

Where appropriate, we pull in systems that are created by the open source community or third parties. We believe that it is important to avoid reinventing the wheel when creating custom software.

Existing Code:

With ten years of programming we have a lot of existing code that can be leveraged into new projects. We have the rights to a full ERP system that has been running for years, and is full of useful code that can be adapted to new projects.

These resources come from years of providing custom software in West Michigan and save our customers money at every step of the design process.